Executive Board / Chairs

Chair Diana McGinness
Vice Chair Alex Acevedo
2nd Vice Chair Chad Byers
State Committee Man Rick Dewitt
State Committee Woman Darlene Miller
County Committee Man Michael Russell
County Committee Woman TBD
Treasurer Darlene Miller
Secretary Stephanie Vignal
Parliamentarian Rick DeWitt
Seargeant at Arms Jeff Craig
Communications Coordinator Tony Shaw
Membership Coordinator Cathy Benson
PCO Coordinator Alex Acevedo
Outreach Coordinator TBD
Fundraising Coordinator Steve Camp
Affirmative Action Coordinator Kay Acholonu
Legislative Liaison Michael Brewer
Labor Liaison Jim DeCaro
Military Liaison Jeff Craig
Environmental Liaison Bill Trueit

Committee Chairs

Affirmative Action Rubin Jackson
Bylaws and Rules Rick DeWitt
Communications Tony Shaw
Credentials Jeff Craig
Finance Darlene Miller
Fundraising Steve Camp
Endorsements Michael Brewer
Membership and Hospitality Jason Call
Outreach TBD
Technology Chad Byers
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