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Resolution 1610 – Omnibus Endorsements

ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ! The 44th LD eboard will move the attached omnibus endorsements resolution for consideration on October 13th, 2016. Amendments will be allowed from the floor during debate. This omnibus resolution proposes the following new endorsements: No on I-732 (Carbon) Yes on I-735 (Big Money out of Elections) No on I-1464 (Campaign Financing) […]

Resolution in Opposition of DAPL

RESOLUTION IN OPPOSITION OF DAPL WHEREAS the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation have all said that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) had not done an adequate Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), mainly with regard to drinking water of the North Dakota Access Pipeline; WHEREAS […]

Resolution in Opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership

Resolution in opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership Whereas the TPP as written replicates many of the most controversial terms of past trade agreements that promote job off shoring, push down US wages, and impinge on our national sovereignty, and Whereas the TPP as written would make it easier for big corporations to ship our […]

Resolution 1601A: Caucus and Convention Time and Site Transparency

PASSED by the 44th LD Democrats on January 14th. Submitted to the Washington State Democrats on January 15th. Will be considered by the WSDCC on January 30th. It requires the state party to very openly disclose the all of the caucus and convention dates, times, and sites statewide It requires early disclosure of preliminary plans […]

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